Dear Fellow Network Marketer ... 

Have you ever wondered how it always seems that the guys giving the presentations are making all the cash?  Have you ever wondered what they're doing that you're not? 

There are distributors making a six figure income per month in this industry, whereas 90% aren't making any cash at all!   Have you ever wondered why that is the case?

See, despite the incredible MLM business opportunities available out there, 95% of Networkmarketers are not consistently making money. We've revealed the insider secrets you must know .. to join the other 5% who make all the cash!

In MLM business opportunities, for the most part ... you either make money or you don't ...

Even though there're tons of MLM training books and guides available out there, the Network marketing industry has one of the highest attrition rates in business.. period.   

That's the bad news ...

          But there's good news!

The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way ... The top 5% of distributors are cashing in big in this industry without any special skills or backgrounds!  Therefore the obvious question is what are the 5% doing that the 95%

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Our book "OK! OK! I'm excited ... but what now"?
is not just another "How to" training for MLM or some more theoretical training information. 

It's about giving you the success tools which will teach you clearly and simply the things that make all the difference, between "those who cash in" and "those who don't!" 

Find out what the other training books and training reports don't tell you.   

        No matter what ...

company you're currently with or are looking to get involved with, we'll equip you with the MLM training tools that are designed to teach you specifically what to do, how to do it, and most importantly, WHO TO DO IT TO ... to succeed beyond your wildest dreams in this lucrative industry.

Our strategies are based on years of "trial and error" resulting in actual successful experience! 

We don't just teach advanced success strategies ...  we also specifically address common and genuine concerns of new MLM'ers like:

- I don't know how to sell!
- I don't like sales!
- I don't want to sell!
- I don't know lots of people!
- I don't want to recruit my friends!
- I don't want to "peddle" to my friends!
- I can't get my people to "duplicate"!     

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All that, and more ...

You'll learn the "insider secrets" on how to:

- Get off to a blistering fast start!  Developing momentum is the key to achieving massive MLM success.  (This alone helped one of our clients do a whopping $21,000 worth of business in his first 27 days.)

- Set goals, make a plan specific to this industry.

- Apply the "Time vs Money" concept effectively to work for you.      

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By now you're probably wondering ...

Why is this information different?  After all, as we've said before ... there must be a million success tools, guides, tapes etc out there on how to achieve MLM success.  That's true .. but why then is the failure rate still over 90%?   

What does that tell you?

As we said before ... there is obviously stuff that the "pros" are doing that the rest are not! Obviously there are reasons for that 95% failure rate.                             

Our book will show you those reasons, teach you how to overcome them, and help you to join that 5% (the MLM leadership) who are cashing in on this extremely lucrative industry.  After all, isn't it your turn? .. Why not you?  Why not NOW?              

You'll also learn ....

- How to develop a successful 30 day action plan.

- How to gather or generate targeted leads!  How to develop a large pool of qualified people to talk to about your business or product without having to do any cold calling!

- What to say to prospects and how to say it to get them to eagerly want to buy your product and /or join your business!  (How many times have you been in a MLM training class and heard "just go out there and talk to people"  Well there's talking and then there's talking!)

- The secret to prescreening prospects so that you'll only
talk to those
who want to buy what you have and to those
who want to join
you in your business.    

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     Moreover ...

- We will also show you the 4 basics that you must do consistently in order to explode your business!  There's a fine line between the "KISS" principal ("Keep it simple, stupid" :o) and keeping it too simple "Just go out there and talk to people")

Consider this quote: "Things should be as simple as possible .. but no simpler" - Albert Einstein.

Having said that, there's only a few simple things that you have to do in this industry, but ...  you must learn to do them well.           

How about knowing ...

- The top 12 common mistakes that distributors make and
how to avoid them?
  There are reasons people fail in this industry ... let us show you those reasons and teach you how to avoid them!                                                                                                            

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But here's the best part ...

We're sure you're probably thinking that it must cost a fortune for this "never before revealed insider information" compiled from years of successful experience (through trial and error) in the industry.

The good news is that we want everyone to be able to get this exciting information so we've made it affordable by pricing it at the incredible price of only ... US $34.77! 

However due to the incredible response and feedback that we've been getting ... we've decided to raise the price any time now to bring in more in line with it's true value! 

So check out your "ordering" options right now to beat the price increase! 


But wait!  There's more .......

- You'll also learn how to use the "tools of the trade"
successfully and effectively, thereby maximizing your time allowing you to become ...
more efficient in building your business. 

Separate yourself from those 95%'ers who are just spinning their wheels in the sand!


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Yep!  You guessed it .. there's still more!

- You'll learn the secrets to building your business through long distance sponsoring (nationally and internationally) without having to travel to those places.

- Learn how to really take advantage of the Internet to create an explosion in your business!

- You'll also learn how to deal with .. and counter what we call "The Intangibles" of the business!  This info is never covered in any other training out there! 

Recognizing and understanding these will literally determine if you survive or not to the "big money stage" in MLM!

- You'll learn how to use the "The Credibility Factor" to your advantage!  Once you understand, apply and teach this, your business will absolutely explode!

- There're only a few objections that you get in MLM and
you'll learn how to easily and simply counter them all!  

- You'll also learn the secret "Business Meeting Routine" ...  This crucial routine is applicable for any kind of business presentation or information briefing ...

Whether it's a "home meeting" or a "hotel meeting!  It's made up of steps that will increase your chances of getting your prospects to join your business by up to 500%!    


Still not sure?

Well, there's so much more that we cannot cover here ... but if you order today, we'll also include our supplementary booklet titled .... "Leaders guide to building an organization FAST!" for FREE! 

Some of the things that ... you'll learn from this guide are:

- Exactly what to do with a brand new distributor to fully maximize their potential ... thereby ensuring duplication!

- How to recognize leaders in your team.

- How to develop and maintain "synergy" in your group.

- How to effectively manage your time recognizing who to work with and when.

- How to teach the difference between "concepts" and "techniques". 


And that's STILL not all! ...

If  you order before midnight tonight, we'll also send you not one, not two, not three, but five additional bonuses! 


Free trial download of crucial information for those of you who have your own website already, or intend to create one (a must have for total exposure for your opportunity, which we also cover in our book!) on HOW TO MAKE YOUR SITE SELL!  The best information out there for teaching you The Big 3 of E-Commerce success  Product, Site Selling and Traffic Building!


Free 5 day intensive email NETWRITING MASTERS course.  It will teach you how to become an effective E-persuader!  Learn to write powerful sales and recruiting messages!  All part of taking advantage of the Internet to build your business!


Free 5 day intensive email course on becoming a high earning AFFLILIATE champion!  (If you have a website, you might as well take full advantage of all its income generating opportunities!)


Free Ebook revealing the INSIDER INFO about creating classified ads that really work! 


Free Ebook!  Autoresponder Magic!  This is the book everyone is talking about!  As an MLM distributor (or any direct seller for that matter) you have to be able to automate your recruiting or sales process as much as possible.  We have all taken advantage of the power of FAX ON DEMAND in our businesses.  Well, auto-responders are the email equivalent to that.  This book will teach you the secrets to using this amazing tool to maximize your business!  This alone is worth over one hundred dollars! 


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By the way ...

We're so confident that you too will find this information in our book, "OK!  OK!  I'm excited ... but what now"? absolutely invaluable to building your business that we're offering an unheard of (for products in this price range) 90 day UNCONDITIONAL money back guarantee! 

Just email us saying that you'd like a refund and that's it! It couldn't be simpler ...  so order now!


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