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As our way of saying "Thank You" just for visiting us here at EarnForever.com, whether you were "referred" to our site or not (After all we do utilize other forms of advertising as well!) you are entitled to your choice of any of a variety of free reports which cover topics ranging from "How to find anything on the Internet" to "Practical tips to secure your home" to "How to turn you PC into a profit center"! 

Just click here to check out your free reports!  (this link opens another browser screen or window.  Just close it to come back here!)

We'll also introduce you to "credible" Internet money making opportunities from time to time.  Hey, since you're on the Net, you might as well get some cash out of it!

To qualify as a reward that we would offer to you, our visitors, these opportunities must meet our criteria of .... Free, and they must pay you for stuff that you're ALREADY doing!  After all, these are supposed to be rewards ... not work! :o) 

Even if you don't have your own access to the web at home, or don't own your own computer, there's a reward here for you!  Click here to check out these great rewards!

THIRDLY ...                              

Entrepreneurial?  Great!  You've probably heard about various "Affiliate" Programs (we have one ourselves, click here to check it out!) whereby you can make an income from other peoples' products! 

We'll introduce you to the best program (after ours of course! :o) out there on the entire internet for making serious "Affiliate" income... compliments of us!  The best part?  Yep!  You guessed it!  IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE TO JOIN!

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         "Referral Rewards"!

Here at EarnForever, we believe that "word of mouth advertising" is probably the best and most effective form of advertising there is, especially for a product or service that may not be common or "self evident"! 

For instance, the last time you looked for a product or service ... let's say, a lawyer's services, you probably asked people you knew to recommend someone, instead of checking the Yellow Pages!

In the same way, if you saw a great movie, chances are you told people about it!     

We have received so much feedback (this link opens another browser screen or window.  Just close it to come back here!) from people who believe that we provide a great product (not to mention some great rewards!) here at our site.

As such we're asking that you also recommend it to everyone that you know (Or at least the 10 - 20 closest friends and associates that you have! :o) to at least come visit.

This way they can check us out and see for themselves if we may have something of interest for them!

  What's in it for you, you ask? :o) 

Well, we're sure that you would do this just out of the kindness of your heart since you'd want to contribute to our continuing success, cause that's just the kind of person you are! 

               However ...

We're also going to make it worth your while!  Click here for our "Affiliate / Reseller" program to see how!  Remember, by referring EVERYONE to us, you've got nothing to lose, BUT CASH to gain!  Plus, you're just asking people to visit! 

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