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We're sure.....

that you'll agree that winning the Lotto 649 jackpot may be one of the most elusive things you can ever achieve!  Lotto 649 odds (or any lottery odds for that manner) are certainly stacked against you!  Of course, most of it is chance or luck.  We're also sure that you have (or know someone who has) picked their Lotto 649 numbers through some purely random form or another. (Yes ... we've done it too!)

Here at, we'll show you how to play Lotto 649 and increase your lottery odds, with winning numbers! Others just sell you their Lotto software.  We work for you by combining winning numbers and sending them to you.

We all know people who've used a combination of "lucky"
numbers, maybe a Birth date, Anniversary date, our age, our weight, etc, etc.... (
Been there .. done that too!).  Some people even call Psychics for their Lotto 649 numbers!  Unfortunately, while these might be creative and innovative ways of trying to improve your lotto odds, they all have one thing in common. There is no basis in picking them!  It's just like pulling numbers out of a hat!  That's obviously not the way to win the Lotto 649!  It's really a futile excercise for winning Lotto 649 money.


you can increase your odds of winning by up to 3000%!  How?  Well, we have a system whereby we keep track of the most frequent winning Lotto 649 numbers in the past and then based on this frequency, we can come up with different combinations of these numbers.

For instance, if you knew that over the five year period from 1993 to 1998, (for the purpose of this illustration) of Lotto 649 number draws (520+ draws) the number 17 came up 178 times and the number 3 came up 53 times, you would subsequently use the number 17 in your Lotto 649 number combinations, more readily than the number 3, wouldn't you? 

       Did you know......

that by picking 6 random numbers, your chance of winning the "big one" is 1 in 13,983,816?  If you knew this piece of "lotto 649 info", you probably wouldn't play at all!  However, combining numbers is so powerful that if you use combos of... say .. the top 30 numbers, your odds of winning can increase to almost 1 in 90!  How's that for an alternative to your Birthdate? 

Here's an illustration of what we mean.  Below is a chart of the actual winning numbers from May 1st, 1993 to May 29th, 1993 in the Lotto 649.  (Incidentally we've been tracking numbers since prior to 1992!)

May 1st                 4   18   39  40    42   43
May 5th                3   13   16   18     19   46
May 8th                1     3    8   27    39   48
May 12th              9   20   24   38   44   48
May 15th              3     6   22   31   35    43
May 19th              3   25   29   37   44   45
May 22nd            10   12    22   27   31   32 
May 26th              5     6     9   39   43  47
May 29th            12   17   33   34   40   48 

You can see that in the order of frequency:

#   3 came up 4 times
# 39 came up 3 times
# 43 came up 3 times
# 48 came up 3 times
#   6 came up 2 times
#   9 came up 2 times
# 12 came up 2 times
# 18 came up 2 times
# 22 came up 2 times
# 27 came up 2 times
# 31 came up 2 times
# 40 came up 2 times
# 44 came up 2 times

All the rest only came up once!  

                        Therefore ...

if we use the top 13 "most frequent winning numbers" shown above, the following is an example of 10 ticket lotto combination numbers we can come up with:

Ticket#  1:             3     6     9     12     18     22
Ticket#  2:             3     6     9    27     31     39
Ticket#  3:             3    12   18    27     31     40
Ticket#  4:             6    12    22   27     39    40
Ticket#  5:             9     18   22   31     39     40
Ticket#  6:             9    12    22   27     31     43
Ticket#  7:             3    18    22   27     39    43
Ticket#  8:             6    12    18   31     39     43
Ticket#  9:             6      9    18   27     40    43
Ticket# 10:            3      6    22   31     40     43

          Ok, ok ....

(we can almost hear you saying, "it's been said that life's a numbers game but this is ridiculous!" :-)                   

Anyway ... How is this all done ... how can you do it?   Well, you could keep track of the Lotto 649 "most frequent winning numbers" and then try to combine them yourself ...   Of course it can be done but ... who has the time? ....

                                        WE DO!

We do all the work for you and then automatically email you your powerful number combinations!

So now that you realise there's a system involved here, we can supply you with powerful Lotto 649 ticket number combinations!

                              However ......
To maximise the full potential with these powerfull Lotto 649 number combinations, the key is to play consistently, thereby ensuring your best possible chances of winning!  This is the reason why our customers like the fact that we offer our subscription packages listed below.

          Announcing ....

4 options of our powerful "Lotto 649 Premium Plus" subscription packages.  The rates for these packages are as follows:

Package# 1
10 Ticket combinations - for 6 months (48 draws)
Cdn $59.00

Package# 2.
15 Ticket combinations - for 6 months (48 draws)            Cdn $89.00

Package# 3.  
22 Ticket combinations - for 6 months (48 draws)            Cdn $119.00

42 Ticket combinations - for 6 months (48 draws)            Cdn $239.00

These rates represent a price of under 13 cents per ticket number combination!!!  (Our rates are subject to change but we're proud of the fact that we've been able to maintain them since the early 90's!)

                                            Order now!

As "Lotto 649 Premium Plus" subscribers, you would automatically be receiving your number combinations based on your order automatically twice weekly for 6 months.  All you have to do is play!  Of course you can renew your subscription in advance of your expiration to avoid any break in the receipt of your combinations.

         Our system ...

also offers a great opportunity for people to play in "pools" and that way further maximise their winning potential  in the Lotto 649 while at the same time minimising their costs of playing!   Regardless of what you decide to start with ...  our "Lotto 649 Premium Plus" subscription service or our regular service, order your number combos today! 
After all, as the jingle goes ...."Just imagine" right?

           In fact ....

if you order within 48 hours, we will send you, as a bonus,
10 ticket number combinations ..
free, over and above any order you make!

      And that's not all!

We have a program going right now whereby if you refer someone who orders any subscription package, we will give you a free extra month of Lotto 649 combination numbers based on your order!  In other words if you were a 10 ticket number combination subscriber and you referred someone who bought any subscription package, you would receive 10 ticket combinations of numbers for 1 extra month free!


If you were a 15 ticket combination number subscriber and you referred someone who again orders any subscription package, you would receive a free month of 15 ticket number combinations in addition to your six months!  

We reserve to right to end these promotions at any time without notice.  We also reserve the right to limit the referrals you get bonus numbers on to 2, due to the popularity of our service!

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